nivtec Stage Platforms


The Stage System:Nivtec

The system platform is the essential part of every nivtec-stage. It consists of an aluminium frame of specially designed profiles (groove and tongue) with integral locking mechanism and a skidproof,
water-resistantly glued multiplex plywood panel.

As standard the platforms are equipped with four multifunctional ports as support for easy and safe attachment of fastening devices for rails, stairways, galleries and various other constructions. The selected legs are fitted into the corner leg supports for round tubing 48,3 mm x 4 mm and easily locked by simply moving the clamping lever. No additional tools are required.

The groove and tongue profiles of the frame guarantee that the platforms can easily be hooked together. The integral click-clackmechanism
allows quick-action locking of the elements. This leads to a strong and safe bond of the whole
stage surface without any trip hazards at the platform connections.

The assembly of a stage always starts with a platform on four legs at the right rear corner. The tongue profiles are pointed to the rear and the right side of the stage. The border platforms at the rear and the right side of the stage are equipped with two legs, for all further platforms only one leg is required. Thus the quantity of legs is reduced considerably depending on the stage planned. For example: a stage of 6 x 4 m requires 20 instead of 48 legs, a stage of 12 x 8 m requires 63 instead of 192 legs. This reduction of legs does not only positively influence total weight and storage space but also leads to a reduction of manpower and assembly time required.

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