nivtec Base Constructions


nivtec Base Constructions:Nivtec

As standard all legs are equipped with thread adapter (function: supporting fastening devices
for safety rails and stairways) and load ring (function: increasing the stability of the platforms for long term use). Additionally nivtec-legs with adjusting spindle for stage heights from 60 cm are
equipped with a locknut (function: stabilizing the base construction). Depending on the operation
purpose and the ground surface it is necessary to use nivtec floor proctectors made of skid-proof
hard rubber.

The weight girder system developed by nivtec combined with Layher Metric Allround Scaffold System offers a sensible solution for high stage constructions. This combination allows building stages in a raster 2 x 2 m.
In comparison with base constructions with stage legs built in a raster 2 x 1 m another considerable reduction of material and assembly time can be achieved.