Revostage - The Revolution in Mobile Staging !


Revostage - The Original from Europe – Made in England
The  lightest stage system in the market - Loading capacity of  750 kg / m² !

"Heavy-weight " stage assembly can nowadays be spelled "lightly", thanks to Revostage.

The extreme light-weighted and modular stage elements will help you very easy to solve transport- and assembling problems. Staff problems will be essentially reduced as well.

Wherever used (churches, schools, conference-rooms, exhibitions, trade fairs, mobile stage for band on tour, or, any other event), the plurality of the light-weighted components and modules will help you to be concentrated during your time on the essential: Your Show !

Built up your stage yourself in one turn by assembling the various, flexible, platform modules, equipped with light weighted, but very stable alloy under bases, offering an overall stage-height from 20 cm up to 120 cm.

Equipped either with an elegant carpeted-floor or an indestructible DIAMOND-coating, your stage will be already an attraction before your show starts.

But you will notice very quick that  the "one-man-show" starts already with the easy handling during transport and the problem-free assembly.

Have a look, as one example, on the 1 x 1 m seized stage elements, packed in a perfect adapted wheel-case, suitable for most lifts. Just ideal for bands and hotel use. The same way, there exist numberless possibilities to lift your future show up on your personal, professional platform.

According to our philosophy it’s understood that we don’t let you alone: It will be a pleasure for us to advise you at any time creating "YOUR PERSONAL STAGE". 
Don’t hesitate to contact us.

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